Signing Up

To get started, click here and get the process going.

Once you click on the link, you will fill out all the questions to best of your needs then you will get an email and a text with an estimate for your service(s) requested. If you approve, then you can click on the “approve & pay deposit” button. And once we receive your deposit, you will get an email/text with your appointment date and other instructions according to your service requests. Please make sure you hit the confirm appointment button or send us message stating you would like a different date and time.


  • $1.90/lb  for Next Day Service as needed
  • $2.90/lb  for Same Day Service as needed
  • $1.75/lb  for Next Day Service weekly or bi-weekly*
  • $2.75/lb  for Same Day Service weekly or bi-weekly*

Larger items are charged per item or load. (See below)

  • Full/Queen/King Comforter:  $20/each
  • Twin Comforter:  $15/each
  • Sleeping Bag:  $15/each
  • Sheets (any size):  $10/load
  • Duvet (covers only):  $15/each
  • Bathroom Mats: $6/each

There is no charge for picking up and delivering your laundry.

*Must be on the schedule for four (4) consecutive weeks or three(3) consecutive bi-weekly appointments in order to receive the discounted price.

Yes. There is a minimum charge. You will be charged a fee for a minimum of 20lbs for next day service and a minimum fee of 15lbs for same day service. Even if you do not send 20lbs for next day service, you will still be billed for 20lbs. If you do not send 15lbs for same day service you will still be billed for 15lbs.

If you go over the minimum pound requirements you will be billed the balance after your service is complete and MUST BE PAID before delivery.

Once you sign up for an appointment, you will be emailed and sent a text for your estimate. If you agree to the estimate then you click on the “approve & pay deposit” button and pay with your credit or debit card. If there is a balance after services are rendered, you will be charged for this balance. If we cannot bill your card because you did not add it on your file, you will be sent another invoice with balance to be paid BEFORE items can be delivered. 

**Please note that a credit or debit card must be kept on file while we are rendering your services so if there are any outstanding balances, we can bill and charge accordingly. You will also receive an invoice explaining those services.

Yes, you must keep your credit or debit card on file with us. Don’t worry, your personal information is kept private, safe and encrypted. No one at Diamond Suds will have access to any of your numbers. If you still feel uncomfortable saving your billing information to your wallet then you are more than welcome to delete once service is complete and any outstanding balances are taken care of.

There may be two separate charges on your bank statement from us.  This is because when you initially signed up and agreed to the terms, you were billed for the minimum to hold your scheduled spot. If there is any balance left that needs to be paid, then we will charge your card for the remaining balance.

Service Areas

At the moment we currently are only servicing outside Philadelphia, Pa areas. 

  • King of Prussia
  • Norristown
  • Plymouth Meeting
  • Collegeville
  • Royersford
  • Limerick
  • Pottstown
  • Boyertown
  • Exeter
  • Reading
  • Shillington
  • Exton


We pick up and deliver laundry Monday-Friday only. If you’re scheduled for a Friday pick-up with next day delivery service then your laundry will be delivered the following Monday.

No, you do not need to be home for one of our sudsers to pick up your laundry. We just ask that you have your laundry in the spot that you specified when you signed up for a pick-up. And if we need any access codes to get to your residence, please make sure you checked the “yes” box when asked when your were filling out your appointment form. Once you agree to an appointment then we will give you a call to get the access code from you so that we can pick up your laundry in a timely manner.

On the day you are scheduled for pick-up. Place your items in a plastic bag or reusable laundry bag. Please do not send clothes in a hamper or basket or box.

If you have items that require any stain treatments, please put in a separate bag and put a note inside stating these are to be stain treated. If you also can let us know the source of the stain, that would be great. That way we can treat the stain appropriately. Please note that we only do light stain treatment so 100% stain removal from your items cannot be guaranteed. 

If there are items that you would like to be hung/air dried please also put in its own bag with a note. And you must send hangers for the items that need to be hung.


No, you do not need to separate your whites and darks. Your sudster will do that for you. After all, we are supposed to be making things easier for you during your experience with us! We just ask that you check your pockets before placing in the bags. We at Diamond Suds are not responsible for items damaged by things left in pockets. 

Once your clothes are picked up, we will have them back to you within 24 hours from pick-up unless your payment declined or you choose a different delivery date. Please note that if you scheduled to have your laundry picked up on a Friday then your order will be delivered on Monday, our next business day. You will receive a text from us once your clothes are done and headed back your way.

You not being home will not be an issue for us. If there is an access code needed, then make sure you check “yes” for the question asking on your appointment form. Once you confirm your appointment, we will give you a call to get the access code so that we will be able to get to your laundry on your scheduled day and time. If one of our sudsers arrive and cannot access your laundry, you will be billed a $10 missed pick-up fee to accommodate our driver for their time traveling to you. 

If you cannot leave your laundry outside of your residence for some reason then please let us know and we can knock and receive your items for you personally. 


Please put your dirty laundry into plastic bags or you can place in your reusable laundry bags. DO NOT put you dirty laundry in your laundry baskets, hampers or boxes to be taken. Make sure your bags are not bigger tan the size of a 13 gallon trash bag.

No, you do not need to separate your whites and darks. Your sudser will do that for you. After all, we are supposed to be making things easy for you during your experience with us! We just ask that you check your pockets before placing in the bags. We at Diamond Suds are not responsible for items damaged by things left in pockets. We are also not responsible items lost during the wash and dry cycle. 

Yes, you definitely need to check and clean out your pockets. Our sudsers are not responsible to cleaning out your pockets. We are also not responsible for items lost or damaged during wash due to items being left in the pockets. (ex: markers, crayons, pens, lipstick, etc)

Things like this happens. We get it. We do like to send reminder texts to help with this. However, we still have to charge a fee for our driver’s time coming out to you. You can still reschedule for another day to have your items laundered.

Yes, of course we can. We can do a light stain treatment at no extra cost. You just have to put your clothes that you want treated in a separate bag and place a note inside stating these are the garments to get stain treated. If possible if you could tell us the source of the stain this would help your sudser out to treat accordingly. Although we extend this courtesy service, there is no guarantee that the stain will be removed 100%.

No, we do not offer any dry clean services at this time.

No. We at this time do not offer the service to wash any shoes/sneakers.

We use premium scented detergents as well as non-allergenic detergents and you can choose between unscented or scented. We do not use bleach but use OxiClean instead. You can also send your own detergent as well and you can also send bleach if you would like for us to use instead.

We do not use fabric softener because it can shorten the lifespan of clothes. However, if you would like fabric softener added to your loads you are more than welcome to send the fabric softener along with any specific instructions. We will not charge for this.

Yes, you sure can. Just separate the items you want us to hang/air dry and place them in a separate bag with a note inside stating this. Be mindful when selecting this option if you request same day delivery. Although it is possible to air dry and return laundry same day, there is also a great chance that the laundry may not be dried in time to complete your request therefore adding an extension til the day will need to be done. 

We launder in cold water and dry on low-med heat. We never dry on high heat. 

Never! We would never wash your clothes with anyone else’s.

There are some items that we cannot accept for cleaning due to the nature of the item or the risk they may pose to our sudsers. We cannot accept the following items for cleaning:

  • Bodily fluids from a human or pet that is beyond what is normally found in household laundry
  • Excessive pet hair
  • Mildew
  • Bedbugs/fleas/roaches
  • Poison ivy or poison oak oils
  • Hazardous chemical residue

If any of these items are sent, we will bag with gloves and will return unweighed and unlaundered, 

Additional Services

Not only do we wash, dry, and fold your clothes to your accommodations, we also offer our ironing services as well. We charge by the item.  We also offer light stain treatment services. Please note, that we DO NOT offer dry cleaning services so there may be times even tho, your stain was treated, it still may not come out 100%. We also offer to hang dry and air dry items that you specify.

Stain Treatment :  FREE

Air Dry/Hang Dry:  FREE

Ironing Services: (charged per item)

  • Shorts: $2/ea
  • Skirts: $2/ea
  • Dresses: $2/ea
  • Jeans: $2/ea
  • Dress Pants: $3/ea
  • Silk/Linen Shirts: $3/ea
  • T-Shirts/Polos: $2/ea
  • Long Sleeve Shirts: $2/ea
  • Business/Dress Shirts: $2.50/ea
  • Pillow Cases: $2/ea
  • Bedding/Linen: N/A (we do not offer at this time)